Sound of the Desert's new 14-minute trailer includes some unseen footage+Ep.1-4 Preview

Although the first minute or so of this 14-minute  trailer is a cut from a previously released trailer, this new trailer contains a few of my most anticipated scenes in Sound of the Desert.One scene shows Xinyue's "less-than-happy" confrontation with Wei Wuji about his "not-so-noble" action in hiding her whereabouts from Mo Xun.

In the past, most of the official MVs and trailers tend to focus on Mo Xun/Xinyue. As you can certainly tell, I am 100% on board the Wei Wuji/Xinyue's shipping boat. The material focus on Mo Xun/Xinyue did not quite draw my undivided attention. This trailer is not entirely Xinyue/Wei Wuji-centric, but at least it contains additional footage of their interactions.

Hunan TV just released this short preview for Ep.1-4

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