Tencent releases a "sneak peek" version of Sound of the Desert today!

Great news for people who don't want to wait until October 1st to catch a glimpse of Sound of the Desert. Tencent, one of the largest web portal in China, procured the rights to broadcast a "sneak peek" version of the series starting September 28, 2014 (12:00 a.m.) Beijing time, which means the first chapter is already available for preview. "Sneak peek" version of the drama is Tencent's cut  of each episode into a 20-minute-long segment. If you want to watch the full episode, you would still have to wait for the Hunan TV broadcast on Wednesday.

For those who are unable to navigate Chinese websites, I will post episode links to the Tencent version of Sound of the Desert here. Just revisit this post tomorrow for the release of next episode.

TIP: Tencent has regional restriction on its video contents. For many viewers outside of mainland China, please install/add the extension Unlock Youku on your web browser. I have no issues viewing restricted videos on Chinese web portal after adding the extension on my Google Chrome web browser.

EDIT: I misread the announcement on Tencent. They are not releasing a 20-minute cut for each episode, but a 20-minute cut for the next several days until the official broadcast date. I think the Tencent's Sneak Peek version is the rumored 66-minute trailer Tang Ren released during the press conference in Shanghai. 

Tencent 20-minute Sneak Peek (contains previously released footage)
Chapter 1:  Hua Yue Nong  (YouTube)
Chapter 2: Chinese Angelica
Chapter 3: Palace

All of the above videos have been compiled into 1-hour long trailer here

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