Teaser specifically devoted to Eddie Peng's Wei Wuji

Wei Wuji vigilantly stays at Xinyue's bedside when she fell unconscious either after her difficult labor or after falling into the icy water. 

A fellow Sound of Desert follower, Ironfinger, thoughtfully informed me of this teaser earlier today. I refrained from posting about it until a higher quality version of the video was available. The higher quality version has finally arrived and I can fangirl all the scenes that got unveiled in this short teaser.

I must say I am loving every scene of Eddie Peng's Wei Wuji in this drama. He is definitely a very very charismatic general in beautifully embroidered robes. Hahaha.

First meeting: the very willing horse rider versus the very unwilling horse sitter
Wei Wuji searches nearby inns to find Xinyue

 I'm sure many people are waiting to see this scene. The ultimate "deflowering" of Xinyue is one of the most "must-see" scenes the drama. 
This is one of the most widely populated .gif flowing online at this moment. It truly shows Wei Wuji's possessive and domineering nature. He is definitely not selfless and noble in character compared Mo Xun. Although Wei Wuji and Xinyue's initial sexual encounter was largely attributed to alcohol, I somehow believe that Wei Wuji consciously made the decision to take advantage of the situation. He is a military general by training and profession. When a rare environmental opportunity falls into his hands, it would be very "not-in-character" if he did not seize it. Otherwise, he would not be a competent military commander. 
Anyone have any idea why Wei Wuji got drunk here? I don't remember if there was such a scene in the original novel

This scene takes place at the gate of the imperial palace. I suspect the reason for Wei Wuji's happiness is one of the following reasons: 1) he can finally say goodbye to his celibacy days; 2) he's happily welcoming fatherhood; 3) none of the aforementioned reasons. 

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