Spoiler Goodies for Sound of the Desert

The magic date of October 1st is fast approaching for Sound of the Desert aficionados! Eight more days to go! Muahahaha! In the meantime, lots of promotional photos, videos, and leaked clips have surfaced on the internet. I have been busy scavenging whatever leaked online because I just do not want to wait for the snail pace release of the series.  It always feels so good to get an early glimpse of anything related to this series. If you want to remain spoiler-free, don't watch the leaked clips.

P.S. After watching these leaked clips, Eddie Peng's Wei Wuji (originally Huo Qubing) is actually better than what I expected. He's pretty darn good!

Disclaimer: I do not own any of these videos.

Leaked Clips:

Wei Wuji steals a kiss from Xinyue in the carriage:

Happy Family of Four (including the wolf) Ending:

Li Jie meets Qin Xiang and Xinyue bids farewell to Wei Wuji

Xinyue endures a difficult labor (photo spoiler):

All Wei Wuji related photos:

UPDATE 9.23.2014
Wei Wuji and Xinyue discuss the ugliness of palace politics

Xinyue's failed love confession

Mo Xun asks Wei Wuji about Xinyue's whereabouts

33-minute Sneak Peek

13-minute Sneak Peek (supposedly part of the 66-minute promotional footage released at the Shanghai Release Conference)

Eddie Peng is blessed with expressive eyes. They just speak volume on-screen. But then...sometimes his pointy chin gets a little distracting...hahaa

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