✿ Chinese Drama ✿ Hidden Intention/ Abandoned Secret

Title: Abandoned Secret/ 被遗弃的秘密/ formerly called Hidden Intention 藏心术/ Cang Xin Su
 # Episode: 28
Genre: Mystery, Republican Era, Revenge, Romance
Director: Yuan Yingming
Producer: Yu Zheng
Release date: November 18, 2011 Every Sunday 2 episodes
Broadcasting Company: Hunan TV
Cast: Gan Tingting as Zhou Yuqin, Jiang Mengjie as Liuliu, Mickey He as Dai Yongcheng, Qiao Zhenyu as Ou Guanqun, Luo Jin as Zhou Tianqi

Yu Zheng Workshop’s new drama ”Hidden Intention 藏心术,”now retitled “Forgotten Secret 被遗忘的秘密," brings us another intrigue drama, this time telling the tale of a switching of positions that changed the lives of two girls. Qiao Zhenyu plays a quiet, unassuming steward who secretly loves Gan Tingting’s character, a seemingly cold young lady of the Zhou family. Jiang Mengjie’s character is the third child of the Zhou family, a girl who is sweet on the surface but vindictive inside. The series lives up to its name, for each character has his or her buried secret, and many have their own agendas. The series also features Mickey He as Gan Tingting’s husband and Luo Jin as a young master of the Zhou family. One man ends up dying for his wife and her sister, the other was labeled as “lovesick” in his description. (Credit: cfensi)

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**I have not watched this drama yet, so don't know what to say about it. HAHA. It seems to have good reviews so far since Yu Zheng is NOT the writer.**

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