❈ Korean Drama ❈ The Princess' Man

Title The Princess' Man/ 공주의 남자 / Gongjooeui Namja
# Episode: 24
Genre: Period Romance
Release date: July 2011
Broadcasting Company: KBS
Cast: Moon Chae Won as Lee Se Ryung  Park Shi Hoo as Kim Seung Yoo, Song Jong Ho as Shin Myun, Hong Soo Hyun as Princess Kyung Hye, Lee Soon Jae as Kim Jong Seo, Kim Young Chul as Prince Suyang (later King Sejo), Lee Min Woo as Jung Jong

A tragic love story between Seryung, the daughter of Prince Suyang, and Seungyoo, son of prominent State Chancellor Kim Jong Seo. Seungyoo is a handsome and optimistic young man who enjoys life and presents himself as carefree playboy. Princess Seryung is a lively lady with a strong curiosity and bold personality wanting freedom outside the traditional confine of the woman's quarters. They fall in love despite their initial bad impression, but later discover that their parents are sworn political enemies. It's a Chosun dynasty version of “Romeo and Juliet”. (Credit: Drama wiki)

Comment: The synopsis above doesn't make this drama sound very interesting, but when you watch it acted out convincingly, it's really enjoyable, at least to me.  I'm a sucker for love/revenge plots, which explains my love for Sealed with a Kiss. I love watching emotionally conflicted male leads who are torn by their duty for revenge and their love for the enemy's daughter. I think the two main leads in this series have great onscreen chemistry together. Even though the main actor may not be the traditional good-looking Korean star, but his infectious smile can completely melt your heart. Don't get deter by the "Romeo and Juliet" label, the ending of this drama is very different from that typical tragic formula. I'm not going to spoil the ending for you, but you won't be disappointed. 


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Beautiful fanmade MV (the song chosen is a little "interesting," but still really good editing!)

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