✿ Chinese Drama ✿ My Splendid Life/ My Wonderful Life

Title: My Splendid Life/ 我的灿烂人生/ Wo De Can Lan Ren Sheng/ My Wonderful Life
# Episode: 38
Genre: Modern Romance, Family
Director: Chen Ming Zhang (Taiwan)
Release date: November 22, 2011
Broadcasting Company: Dragon TV
Cast: Jerry Yan as Liu Yuhao , Yedda Chen as Qing Tianxian, Weng Hong as Man Yilin,
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Synopsis: translation by sunny@www.yanchengxu.net
Qing Tian-Xian (played by Yedda Chen) lost her father in an accident. Her entire wealth was taken by her step mother Man Yi Lin (played by Weng Hong). She become homeless and later found a job at a restaurant group where she met Yu Hao Liu (played by Jerry Yan). Qing Tian won the the trust of Yu Hao's grandmother, the owner of the company. Wanting to inspire Yu Hao who does not seem to be motivated to run the business, the grandmother announced Qing Tian as the heir of her entire wealth.

Yu Hao then got into fierce competitions with Qing Tian. In the process of competition, the two actually were able to discover more merits of each other and finally found their true love. 

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