Thursday, November 10, 2011

✿ Chinese Drama ✿ Tang's Court: Beauty World/Mei Ren Tian Xia

Mandarin title唐宫美人天下 / Tang's Court: Beauty World/ 
                        Tang Gong Mei Ren Tian Xia
# Episode: 45
Genre: Historical, Supernatural
Director: Li Huizhu
Release date: October 2011
Broadcasting Company:Shandong Television
Official Website: Sina
Cast: Zhang Ting as Wu Mei Niang, Li Xiao Lu as Helan Xin'er, Ming Dao as Ming Chong Yan, Mickey He as Pei Shao Qing, Zheng Guo Lin as Emperor Gao Zong (Li Zhi)

The mysterious death of Wu Mei Niang's newborn daughter sparked a vicious rumor that it was a murder committed by the childless Empress Wang Ni Jun. To help clear the Empress' name, her former lover Ming Chong Yan and her old friend Helan Xin Er came to palace to investigate the mysterious death. They soon found out that the child's death was only the tip of the iceberg to a sinister plot to usurp control of the palace.  Credit: Drama wiki

Comment: I'm looking forward to watch this drama. So if you've seen it, tell how it goes! The costumes and sets are stunning! The storyline sounds like an ancient detective story with a supernatural twist. Out of all the characters, I think I'm looking forward to Zheng Guolin's portrayal of Li Zhi (Emperor Gaozong). Traditionally, historians tend to describe him as a weak and docile ruler under the influence of conniving Empress Wu. After reading a revisionist historian's research on Li Zhi's political accomplishments, I see him in a completely different light. Since most historical records on Li Zhi were written by Song Dynasty's scholars who were anti-Empress Wu/Neo-Confucianists with some anti-feminist feelings, I doubt they gave Li Zhi a fair historical evaluation.

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  1. Is this series any good? I normally enjoy a series with a strong love story involved.

  2. @yan_ange: I'm not sure if this drama is any good since I haven't started to watch :P But if you watch Korean dramas, I recommend you to watch a historical romance called "The Princess' Man." I think the romance in that series is superb. The storyline is similar to Sealed with a Kiss on the part where the male lead is torn between his love for the female lead and revenge on her father. Love/hate struggle again. Hehehe...I'll be making a post about it soon, so you can check it out later.