Sealed with a Kiss Deleted Scenes

As we all know, every mainland Chinese drama and non-Chinese TV series that gets aired in China are reviewed by the almighty State Administration of Radio, Film and Television (SARFT). Apparently, there were some sensitive scenes in this drama that SARFT didn't approve and were cut from the main series. Hunan TV also deleted some footage as well to shorten the drama. So far, only two cut scenes are available for viewing. I'm not sure if Hunan TV is going to release more for us to watch. I'm praying they will!!

1. Bathtub Lip-biting Scene

2.Tong Xue's Stripping Scene
When Shaoqian forced TongXue to strip naked in front of him, he actually didn't touch her. He just made a comment 你不过如此 roughly meaning "you're not anything better than this" or "this is all you're worth" or "this is all you can do."

Watch video here

3. Childhood flashback of Tong Xue

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