Episode 2 Recap of Sealed with a Kiss

As Shaoqian gets occupied with corporate matters elsewhere, Tong Xue aborbs in her design work. Yueying becomes very curious about her boyfriend since she senses fear in Tong Xue whenever he gets mentioned. Under Yueying's interrogation, Tong Xue finally yields and describes him as a "good man." The "good man" that Tong Xue describes is not Shaoqian but her first love, Xiao Shan. Tong Xue met her first love on her first day in college while she was still crying over her parents' death and he handed her some tissue paper to wipe her tears. Gradually through Xiao Shan's consolation, Tong Xue recovers from her mourning and they shared many happy memories together. Yueying asks Tong Xue why she didn't marry him if  she loves him so much, but Tong Xue refuses to say more.

At the Mu family residence, Shaoqian coldly eats dinner with his father-in-law and wife, Yongfei. After dinner, Mu Changhe proposes that Shaoqian and his daughter grandly celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary and hold a banquet for the media to restore consumer/investor confidence that there is no rift between the Mu and Mo families. He also suggests that Shaoqian temporarily move back home to crush rumors of his marital discord caused by Chen Hou's misbehavior. As Shaoqian gets up to leave them for the night , he asks the Mu's butler to prepare a guestroom for him at the chagrin of his wife. Mu Changhe advises Yongfei if she truly loves her husband, she needs to suppress her hot-temper and try to win his heart through softer means.
(Note: Tong Xue and Yongfei live very far apart. Shaoqian actually needs to fly from where Tong Xue lives back to his in-law's residence. I believe the Mu family lives in a southern city, maybe Shenzhen, while Tong Xue resides in Hangzhou. The author once said the Mu family belongs to the "old rich" from Hong Kong/Taiwan region.)
In his guest bedroom, Shaoqian ponders quietly next to the window. Yongfei comes knocking on his door hoping for a reconciliation and tells him that she wants to become his "real" wife. Incensed by Shaoqian's coldness, she switches off her sweet mode and returns to her caustic speech, saying regardless of his dislike, he must act like he loves her for their 10th wedding anniversary celebration for the public.

In the flashback of their wedding night 10 years ago, Shaoqian openly admitted to Yongfei that he doesn't love her and refused to consummate their marriage. Hurt by humiliation and unrequited love, Yongfei threw harsh insults at Shaoqian calling him her "family's dog" and he should be more "professional" when he sold himself to the Mu family to save his father's company (same lines Shaoqian said to Tong Xue in Episode 1. "You should sell yourself wholly. Don't try to be a harlot and want to earn a chastity plaque as well).
After work, Tong Xue takes Yueying to a hot pot dinner for her surprised birthday dinner set up by their friends. Through the invitation of a mutual acquintance, Tong Xue meets Xiao Shan again as well as Lin Zixan, Tong Xue's college classmate who is in love with Xiao Shan. In the midst of the celebration, Yueying accidentally touches Tong Xue's cellphone and calls Shaoqian, allowing him to overhear the name "Xiao Shan" when someone called the name out. This name really disturbs Shaoqian.  He recalls a night when Tong Xue called out a man's name, Xiao Shan, in her sleep; the same man he suspects to occupy Tong Xue's heart.
This unexpected reunion brings awkwardness to the party. Tong Xue is rather uncomfortable to see the cozy interaction between Zixian and Xiao Shan. She further embarrasses herself when she tries to break the awkward silence by asking Zixian questions about her wardrobe but only to increase her discomfort when Zixian reveals her handbag was a gift from Xiao Shan.
The night ends with Tong Xue revisiting an old studio she once hung out with Xiao Shan to work on her design models and she runs into Xiao Shan again. But their meeting is cut short when Shaoqian calls and Xiao Shan automatically assumes the call is from Tong Xue's boyfriend. 
Concerned that Tong Xue is meeting with a man named Xiao Shan, Shaoqian calls home to check she came home as she promised. He reaffirms that no matter how much Tong Xue resists, she will always belong to him. She can't escape him. Not only does he has the ability to influence her job prospects, but if he so desires, he can buy out her firm. 
Remember the private investigator who was snapping photos of Shaoqian and Yueying in Episode 1? Apparently after Shaoqian "invited" him for beer and checked his camera to make sure that he didn't take any photos of Tong Xue, the guy releases the photos he took of Yueying at the mall to his client, Mu Zhenfei. Yongfei asked her brother, Zhenfei, to investigate Shaoqian's private life away from "home" and any women in his company to make sure he's not dallying away during his business trips. Photos of Yueying and Shaoqian gave Zhenfei the false impression that Yueying is the secret lover he has been looking for.

On a weekend break, Yueying dragged Tong Xue along to watch a basketball game and to meet the star of the team, Mu Zhenfei. During the chaos at the end of the game, Mu Zhenfei's cellphone accidentally gets knocked out of his hand and landed on Tong Xue'e left eye, causing her to bleed. In his rush to take Tong Xue to the emergency room, Zhenfei's package of photos drops out of his pocket and later ends up in Tong Xue's hands. Shocked to see Shaoqian and Yueying together in the photos, Tong Xue has a bad feeling Shaoqian is out to harm Yueying.
As Yongfei gets ready for their 10th wedding anniversary banquet, Shaoqian walks in and gives her a pensive stare. Yongfei comments that she has never seen him look at her this way and asks if her outfit looks good. He replies,"It looks great." Yongfei then asks Shaoqian if he prepared the present she wanted. They share a rare moment of cordiality, but Mu Changhe interrupts with a comment saying they are the "picture perfect couple."
At the banquet, Shaoqian and Yongfei present themselves as an loving married couple. While Shaoqian walks down the aisle arm in arm with Yongfei, a young woman in purple dress shoots a provocative look at Shaoqian and waves flirtatiously at him. Immediately sensing another woman's interest in her husband, Yongfei gives her an icy glare. Really good acting from Wen Zhengrong.  Her eye power/expression is amazing. If you want a look that can kill, just have Yongfei give you one! LOL 
On stage, Shaoqian gives a touching speech to the news reporters about his 10-year marriage. He praises Yongfei for her understanding and for being with him through all hardships, regardless of sun or rain. Even Yongfei is affected by the sincerity in Shaoqian's voice. For her anniversary gift, Shaoqian presents Yongfei with a giant ruby diamond necklace. However, Yongfei seems very disappointed. What kind of present was she expecting?

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