Sealed with a Kiss Character Guide

Hawick Lau as Mo ShaoQian (~33 years old)
A disciplined man driven to ruthlessness. Ten years ago, he sacrificed his happiness to marry a woman he didn't love to save his father's company from bankruptcy. ShaoQian sees his political marriage to YongFei as his biggest personal humiliation, and tries his best to keep his distance from his "wife". When he discovers the daughter of the man who betrayed his father, he ruthlessly seeks revenge and tries to make her life a living hell. But when he realizes he has fallen in love with the daughter, he becomes frighten and tries his best to suppress his feelings. He gets further tormented by the fact that the woman he loves only bears hatred for him.
TongXue often describes him using the Chinese proverb 衣冠禽兽/yi guan qin shou literally meaning "beast in clothes" cuz ShaoQian ALWAYS always dresses spotlessly but she finds his "beast-like" actions to be a stark contrast to how proper he looks. Now both fans/author fondly call him by that name.
"It's because I'm destined to go to hell, so I must find someone to accompany me... and you're the best candidate."
"Death is not the best way to make a person suffer, because death is just a form of escape. Making the person trapped in hopelessness is a penalty worse than death."

 Ying'er as Tong Xue (~21 years old in the novel, maybe slightly older in the drama ~23)
A innocent and kind girl who inadvertently get embroiled in the revenge plans of Mo ShaoQian. She unwillingly becomes his secret mistress to save her uncle from going to prison.
"Are you happy when you see me suffer?"
"I realize much later that there's someone in this world whom you're destined to know for a short time and very little about, but you would have to use a whole lifetime if you want to erase him from your memory."

Wen ZhengRong as Mu YongFei (30 years old)
Arrogant, rich, and formidable wife of Mo ShaoQian. Ten years ago, she fell deeply in love with Mo ShaoQian and used underhanded means to marry him. She plotted with her father to bring ShaoQian's father's company to bankruptcy, forcing ShaoQian into a marriage alliance with her. Unfortunately, her obsessive behavior drove her husband away on their wedding night. She will use everything in her power to control and make her husband love her, including betraying her own father.
I couldn't choose who to be my father, but I'm the one who chose my husband."

Zhang ChenKuang as Mu ChangHe (50s)
Mu YongFei and Mu ChenFei's ambitious father and also a shewed businessman who played a pivotal role in the downfall of ShaoQian's father.

Li ZhiNan as Xiao Shan (early 20s)
Tong Xue's college sweetheart whom she still loves and has very fond memories of.

Zhao ChuLun as Mu ZhenFei
Mu YongFei's younger brother. He befriends TongXue and later tries to protect her from slanderous rumors. Grows to like TongXue but tries to extinguish his feelings when he discovers her illicit relationship with his brother-in-law.

Zhang Ran as Liu YueYing
Tong Xue's wealthy best friend. She has a feisty personality and a strong sense of justice.

 Liu XueHua as Jiang Yun
Mo ShaoQian's mother. She divorced ShaoQian's father when he was a child. Currently a professor (I think they changed it from chemistry in the novel to architecture in the drama) at a local university.
"Do you think it's ShaoQian who tortures TongXue? Or is it TongXue who tortures ShaoQian?"

Lin ZiXian
Tong Xue and Xiao Shan's schoolmate. She is in love with Xiao Shan, but he does not return her affection and she resents Tong Xue for it.

 Yang ZiTong as Su ShanShan
A famous actress who's interested in Mo ShaoQian, but he uses her to detract his wife's attention away from Tong Xue.

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