Episode 3 Recap of Sealed with a Kiss

On stage, Shaoqian gives Yongfei a kiss on the cheek to to show his love for his "wife," and of course, give reporters a good opportunity to snap "loving" photos for publication. A reporters asks Shaoqian if he prepared an anniversary gift for Yongfei. He replies jokingly, "Of course. Otherwise, I'll be dead meat when I go home." When Yongfei sees the giant triple-tier ruby diamond necklace, she feels incredibly disappointed and says "This is not what I want."
The young woman in purple dress who winked at Shaoqian in Episode 2 is Su Shanshan, a rising movie star and spokesperson for a subsidiary company under Distal Group. She aggressively introduces herself to Shaoqian, but Yongfei takes her hand before Shaoqian can respond to her invitation for a handshake. Around the same time, Yueying's new rich father, Liu Liangchun, self-invited himself to the banquet in hope of landing a business contract with Distal Group. His unruly behavior offended many guests and his offensive comment about Mo Shaoqian infuriated Yongfei; so the security guards kicked him out.

During their dance, Yongfei reminisces their first meeting 10 years ago at an auction. They were both bidding to buy the same antique lamp. Shaoqian's father, Mo Yaohua, was an ardent antique lamp collector. Shaoqian wanted to purchase one for his birthday, but Chen Hou restrained him from competing with the infamously spoiled Mu Yongfei since his father wouldn't approve of him overpaying for the item. In private, Shaoqian sought Yongfei out hoping to rebuy the antique lamp from her. Yongfei would only relent under one condition - a dance with her. While they shared a dance, Yongfei confessed to Shaoqian that he immediately caught her attention at the auction because of his determined look.
Yongfei senses that if Shaoqian ever falls in love, he would never have a second heart to love another and would always remain faithful to his love. They are both the same type of people - determined and concentrated in pursuing what they want. Once she finds herself in love with Shaoqian, she'll never give him up.

After patiently waited for 10 years, Yongfei finally senses Shaoqian is reciprocating her feelings. But as Yongfei rejoices, Shaoqian casts off his loving act and whispers in her ears, "Do you know what is the cruelest method to torture a person? Make her believe in the beauty of the truth and then mercilessly ripe her dream apart...You will never get that lamp because you're not worthy of it. The reporters are gone. We can stop our act now. How is it? My acting is good, yeah?" 

Shaoqian then leaves a devastatingly tearful Yongfei in the ballroom and walks off to the balcony to get some fresh air. Su Shanshan, seeing a chance to get close to Shaoqian, flirts shamelessly with him while he seems rather disinterested. After a few moments, Shaoqian suddenly sheds his coldness and shows interest in Su Shanshan while Yongfei watches them intently from a window.

Back at the hospital, Tong Xue undergoes a minor eye surgery and gets hospitalized for a few days. Xiao Shan, whose grandmother happens to be in the same hospital, runs into Tong Xue and her friends. He quietly pays her a visit but never reveals himself to her. Tong Xue also senses his presence but isn't too certain about her instincts. When Yueying visits her again, Tong Xue senses that Yueying's absentmindedness. Yueying confides in Tong Xue that she worries about her father.  She overheard a phone conversation that her father may go bankrupt because he offended an influential man named "Mo Shaoqian." Shocked by this revelation, Tong Xue calls Shaoqian, begging him to spare her friends. If he wants to torture her, he should just target her and not hurt innocent people around her. Shaoqian, who is completely clueless about the whole situation, feels Tong Xue is speaking nonsense and hangs up on her. However, he calls He Jie to look into Liu Liangchun and find out  the fuss Tong Xue is making. 

After their causal flirt, Su Shanshan calls Shaoqian out for a date. Shaoqian takes her to a hotel room for a night, but does absolutely nothing with her. Despite Su Shanshan's countless attempts to seduce him, he just tells Su Shanshan to cease her act because she's off work already. LOL. Compared to his girlfriend's acting, which even he can mistaken for real, Shaoqian comments that her acting really pales in comparison. Ouch!

It's hilarious to watch Su Shanshan's attempts to lure Shaoqian in bed and his amused but rather distant look he gives her. He's like a parent watching a child whining at him for something. HAHA. No matter how hard Su Shanshan tries to interest him, Shaoqian does not even blink an eye, even when she undresses in front of him, and just focuses on his work. Anyway, after Shaoqian and Su Shanshan's one night "fling," rumors of their romantic affair make headlines all over the papers. Yongfei reads about it and she's definitely NOT one happy woman.

Next, Tong Xue finally recovers from her eye injury. Before she leaves the hospital, she looks a little worry and asks the housekeeper about Mo Shaoqian's mood.  Apparently, Shaoqian flew back to check up on Tong Xue after the Su Shanshan's incident. As he was wiping her face with a clean cloth, Tong Xue called out in her sleep again, asking Xiao Shan to take her away, which really pissed him off. The housekeeper tells Tong Xue that Mo Shaoqian hasn't utter a word ever since.
 At a little dainty cafe, Shaoqian sits quietly by himself to contemplate. I wonder what's on his mind? Tong Xue? His revenge plan? Probably Tong Xue. He seems rather affected by Tong Xue's constant calling of her first love's name. He's tormenting her with guilt and shame by making her his mistress, but Tong Xue is also torturing him by annoying the heck of him with her incessant first love's memories. Oh unrequited love! Or is Shaoqian's possessive feelings for Tong Xue more like an unhealthy obsession?

Right before this cafe scene, there were flashbacks of Shaoqian and Tong Xue's first meeting. Tong Xue was once a waitress at the same cafe.  As she was carrying a platter of stuff to the kitchen, she accidentally bumped into his table. She immediately apologized and gave him a big fat smile.

When Tong Xue returns home, she sees a magazine cover featuring a photo of a man's back, which she recognizes as Mo Shaoqian, and Su Shanshan. Shaoqian then gets a little upset that Tong Xue doesn't seem too affected by his rumors with Su Shanshan. Tong Xue knows that he's unhappy and confesses that Xiao Shan was her first boyfriend, but they have completely broken up before she even met him. Shaoqian gets further agitated when Tong Xue senses his jealousy. Their conversation eventually leads to Yueying, whom Tong Xue mistakenly thinks Shaoqian is trying to pursue. Offended by Tong Xue's misunderstanding and lewd perception of him, Shaoqian further taunts her by saying that he wants to invite Yueying to live with them so they can all be "one happy family" under a single roof. Tong Xue finally breaks down begging Shaoqian if he's willing to spare Yueying and her father, she'll do anything he says. Even more hurt by Tong Xue's words, he retaliates with an ultimatum. If she's willing to entertain two of his business colleagues who are attracted to girls like her, he'll grant her wish.
Tong Xue, feeling completely humiliated and enraged, screams, "What (kind of woman) do you see me as?!" Shaoqian then angrily replies, "I'll see you as what you see me as!"

He then kicks Tong Xue out of his room and slams the door at her. The following morning, while Tong Xue converses with Yueying on the phone, she learns from Yueying that someone is trailing her friend. Still believing it's the doing of Mo Shaoqian, Tong Xue runs down stairs to catch him before he goes off to work and tells him she'll agree to his condition.

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