Episode 6 Recap of Sealed with a Kiss

Shaoqian’s mother, Jiang Yun, seeks to befriend the injured Tong Xue as they share the same hospital room.  In contrast to her stern and serious son, Jiang Yun is a vivacious and fun-loving middle-aged woman who loves to play video games. Tong Xue seems to really enjoy her company because her spirited personality definitely helps to brighten Tong Xue’s melancholy.  Jiang Yun confides to Tong Xue that her husband has already passed away and she rarely even sees her son.  As they chatter, Tong Xue begins to reminisce about her own parents. She reveals that this coming hour of midnight is actually her lunar calendar birthday, the day her late parents usually celebrate with her.  Jiang Yun tries to comfort her and rocks her to sleep.  On Jiang Yun's cellphone, she reads an email message from Shaoqian saying “Today, I did something wrong again” and she replies, “Then, don’t do it again.”
Next day, Yueying comes to visit Tong Xue at the hospital. She interrogates Tong Xue about the cause of her back injury. Tong Xue lies that she had a big fight with her boyfriend, even hitting him, and he reacted by pushing too hard that she knocked into a porcelain lamp and fell onto the broken shards. Yueying does not believe in Tong Xue’s story, saying she’s not even the type to retaliate when someone hits her.  All this time, Jiang Yun focuses on playing her video game but still manages to hear what they said.
Back at home, Shaoqian holds his dog in his arm and recalls a past incident when Loveable was wildly running around in the living room and accidentally knocked down an expensive antique lamp. Mo Shaoqian became so furious at Loveable that he wanted to give him away. But when he saw his dog shivered in fear hiding in a corner, his heart started to soften. He tells Loveable “Do you know? I fear as well. I’m most fearful of my heart softening."

When Housekeeper Ding comes to take away Shaoqian’s dinner plates, he asks if Lao Ma went to see Tong Xue at the hospital yet. She replies that Lao Ma went, but when he bumped into Tong Xue’s coworker, he left without seeing her to avoid arousing suspicion. She goes on to tell Mo Shaoqian that Dr. Gu said that Tong Xue is recovering well and she should be able to leave the hospital. She then proceeds to ask Mo Shaoqian when they should go pick up Tong Xue from the hospital, but he just coldly answers, “Let her stay there till her heart’s content.” Shaoqian’s assistant, Wenlong, calls Shaoqian and reports that the person who hired a private investigator to trail Yueying was his brother-in-law, Mu Zhenfei.
Pitying Tong Xue’s loss, Jiang Yun disappears for a bit to “scavenge” the hospital for two pieces of cake from the pediatrics section to celebrate Tong Xue’s birthday. When she tells her to make a wish, Tong Xue, in teary response, says she has no wish because her only wish is to have parents revive from the dead, which is impossible.  Jiang Yun tells her not to give up hope so easily. As long as a person can still breathe, then there’s hope for the better. Tong Xue then comments, “Auntie Jiang, your child must be a very happy to have a mother like you.” Jiang Yun sadly confesses to Tong Xue that many years ago, her son once told her, “Mom, I’m never going to be happy for the rest of my life.” He has chosen a path that will make him unhappy. Tong Xue sighs in agreement because she, too, has chosen an unhappy path.

At the riverbank, Mu Zhenfei's private investigator reports to him something strange that he noticed when he trailed Liu Yueying. While he trailed Yueying to the hospital, he discovered that Mo Shaoqian's chauffeur immediately rushed to leave when he saw her, seemingly trying to avoid a direct confrontation.
After Wenlong informed Shaoqian that it was Mu Zhenfei who hired someone to follow Yueying, Shaoqian purposely goes to pay Zhenfei a visit at his new house to find out how much his brother-in-law actually knows about the existence of Tong Xue and her secret identity as his mistress. When Zhenfei sees Shaoqian waiting at his front door, he curiously asks Shaoqian how he managed to find his new address. Shaoqian jokingly replies, "I hired someone to investigate you." LOL.

Zhenfei gives Shaoqian a tour of his new home and they have quite an interesting, but intense conversation about Yueying and Tong Xue. Zhenfei makes several hints to Shaoqian that he knows one of the girls is on quite "intimate" terms with his brother-in-law. At this point, Zhenfei still assumes Yueying is the secret mistress that Shaoqian is trying to hide from his sister. Both men try to dig more information about the other and confirm their own conjecture. Yet they both refuse to have a direct discussion about the existence of the secret mistress and end up with a dialogue full of subtle wordplay.
Shaoqian, however, succeeds in using this opportunity to leech more information from Zhenfei about Tong Xue. To his annoyance, he senses that Zhenfei is developing feelings for her. A few simple words from Tong Xue can influence the mind of the stubbornly independent Zhenfei. Shaoqian knows that Zhenfei has a great fondness for fish ponds, but after Tong Xue's comment that fishes should enjoy the freedom of open water, Zhenfei immediately gave up his original plan to build a fish pond and took Tong Xue's recommendation to install a water fountain in his garden instead. Zhenfei even admits that Tong Xue is different from the other girls he met in his life. She never tries to catch his attention and he says that women who fall too easily for him don't interest him. Shaoqian then comments "those kind of women give no suspense of a good challenge." Zhenfei corrects him by saying that love isn't about a good challenge, and goes on to tell Shaoqian that "the biggest mistake my sister ever made in her life is her endless attempts to challenge you."
Upon hearing Zhenfei's open praises for Tong Xue, Shaoqian directly confronts Zhenfei with the question,"Are you in love with this Tong Xue?" Zhenfei gently denies it and feels it's more of "good feelings" than love. Zhenfei then gets curious why Shaoqian keeps on talking about Tong Xue and not about Yueying, but Shaoqian just shuts him off with "What do you think?" They both don't pursue the matter further, but Shaoqian gets even more displeased when he realizes that the study that Tong Xue designed for Zhenfei is almost an exact replica of his own study.
Despite having a wonderful time hanging out with Jiang Yun at the hospital, Tong Xue finally has to leave when Lao Ma and Housekeeper Ding come to pick her up at Shaoqian's order. Once home, she sees Shaoqian sitting on her bed and looking at her jewelry box, which contains all the gemstones/jewelry that he gave her over the years. Shaoqian asks why she never wears them. Tong Xue answers that she's only a white collar worker who doesn't earn much, so she does not want to draw attention upon herself with these expensive jewels. He then slyly informs Tong Xue they'll be going out for dinner tonight, so she'll have an opportunity wear them now.

Once Tong Xue arrives at the restaurant, she realizes that there will be a "special" guest joining them for dinner. She comments that Mo Shaoqian never takes her out to see any of his friends before. When Tong Xue sees Mu Zhenfei waiting at their table, she is shocked to speechlessness while he's equally surprised. The mastermind behind this "arranged" dinner proceeds to act coolly and doesn't even bother with the usual formalities and give an introduction. Throughout dinner, a strong undercurrent of hostility permeates between Mu Zhenfei and Mo Shaoqian despite their seemingly cordial conversation. The two men casually argue back and forth about Zhenfei coming back to Distal Group to work. Sandwiched between these two men, Tong Xue keenly feels the tension and the embarrassment of her situation. She remains completely silent and only opens her mouth to ask Mo Shaoqian's permission to use the restroom. Even such a simple request is only met with a cold stare from Mo Shaoqian, who then just chooses to ignore her.
Mo Shaoqian uses no words to stake his claim on Tong Xue. His actions speak much louder than words and make it absolutely clear to Mu Zhenfei that Tong Xue is "off-limits." Blatantly right before Zhenfei's eyes, Shaoqian would gently stroke Tong Xue's face, brush her hair aside, and intimately touch her collarbone with his fingers before playing with her pendant. Mo Shaoqian's intimate gestures causes Tong Xue to recoil even further in discomfort.

Despite the hostile vibes emitting from the two men at her table, Tong Xue remains oblivous of the two men's relationship until Zhenfei calls Mo Shaoqian "Jiefu" or "Brother-in-law." This revelation shook her more than anything that night. Before they went their separate ways, Tong Xue begs Mu Zhenfei to keep her hidden identity as a Mo Shaoqian's mistress from Yueying. He takes pity in her and agrees.
During their car ride back home, both Tong Xue and Mo Shaoqian are both absorbed in their own thoughts and do speak to each other. Once home, Shaoqian immediately heads to his room with Tong Xue following closely behind him. He tells her that she doesn't need to come to his bedroom that night, so she can go back to her own room. It's pretty much a direct announcement to Tong Xue that she doesn't need to perform her mistress' duty that night since he's in no mood to bed her after the Mu Zhenfei's fiasco. Tong Xue apologizes for mistakenly befriending his wife's brother and promises never to commit such a mistake again. Shaoqian coldly replies that he has no intention to help her correct such a stupid mistake a second time.
In tears, Tong Xue then questions why Shaoqian must use such cruel means to let her know that Zhenfei is his brother-in-law. If she knew that Zhenfei was his wife's brother, she would automatically avoid him like a plague. He only has to tell her and didn't have to go through great lengths to reveal the truth. Isn't he afraid that his wife would discover her existence? Tong Xue greatly fears that if Shaoqian's wife ever finds out about her, she would have to suffer the same fate as Su Shanshan. Shaoqian then angrily refutes that if he doesn't take such strong measures, Zhenfei wouldn't know that she belongs to him. He fears no one, not Mu Zhenfei and definitely not her first love. If Tong Xue ever dares to see her first love again, he vows to make their lives miserable. Later that night, Mo Shaoqian sends another email to his mother saying that "I never actually possessed it, but why am I so afraid of losing it?"

Early next morning, Mo Shaoqian seems to have recovered from his foul mood from last night. Tong Xue then takes the courage to ask him if she can go to to work. He only consents if she'll come home immediately after work. Against her doctor's wishes, Jiang Yun leaves the hospital to figure out some things. She goes to the cafe where Mo Shaoqian loves to visit and relax. There, Jiang Yun recalls an incident long ago when she and her ex-husband had a bitter argument about getting a divorce. Mo Shaoqian overheard their conversation and then ran off in anger.
Mu Zhenfei's private investigator continues to follow Yueying everywhere. Yueying senses something wrong and asks Zhao Gaoxing's help. They set up a trap to lure the private investigator to show himself. Zhao Gaoxing then manages to force the investigator to reveal who sent him to follow Yueying. Both Yueying and Gaoxing are extremely disappointed to know the mastermind behind Yueying's trailing is Mu Zhenfei and the fact that Zhenfei suspects Yueying to be the mistress of a married man.

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