Tiny Peek at Tong Xue and Mo Shaoqian's Bed Scene

Even though I was very disappointed with Mo Shaoqian's new look, but I couldn't contain my excitement when I saw Tong Xue and Mo Shaoqian lying in bed together. Don't think dirty! They're fully clothed and not doing anything inappropriate for the underage to see. At most, I think Tong Xue is just giving Mo Shaoqian a soft peck on the lips. HEHE. I hope it's a good indication that these two tormented characters can overcome their painful past and reconcile. I just really want my cliche happily ever after ending for them.

I feel the main couple in SWAK is somewhat unique compared to other pairings. While most onscreen pairings tend to have more hand holding, hug, or sometimes even kiss scenes, but the main couple of SWAK likes to throttle each other more. ROFL. Too Late to Say I Love You was labeled the "Series with the Most Kiss Scenes" while SWAK earned the honor of getting the totally misleading title "Series with the most Bed Scenes in the History of Chinese Television." It's true SWAK has more bed scenes than most Chinese dramas, but these scenes are totally platonic because the "bed' just served as the backdrop. 
Okay. Okay. I've been telling myself to loosen up and not get too caught up in the details, but ARGH! Just can't control my annoyance at the stylist, if he/she even exists. -_- It looks so odd that Mo Shaoqian still has to wear his beanie when he's in bed with Tong Xue. Hawick's baldness is creating a huge negative impact on the overall feel of the character.

The baldness just can't be helped since this mini-movie project was somewhat planned last minute. Both Hawick and Ying'er are currently overloaded with their own filming projects and they can barely make anytime for this mini-movie. I think Hawick can only dedicate 3 days to shoot this mini-movie and then rush back to Hengdian to continue shooting Beauties Without Tears. We should all be grateful, especially me, that there is even a short sequel to the series. I mean nothing is "the worst" because things can only get even "worse." We should be happy with what we have. A beanie is much better than an ugly unnatural looking wig, right? One crew member mentioned that everything was planned in such haste that it was inevitable that a lot of things would end up imperfect.

Now, I'm just PRAYING the writer won't change too much of Mo Shaoqian's personality and make him do something out of character.  I'm sure a good story will override the bad styling in the mini-movie. I really love the original scriptwriter, Guo Baoxian, from Season 1. She really understands the character dynamics of Mo Shaoqian, and I somewhat fear this new young writer for the mini-movie will be too inexperienced to fully explore and master in her writing the subtleties of Mo Shaoqian/Tong Xue's relationship and the intricacies of Mo Shaoqian's personality. I'm going to go BERSERK if she completely screws up.  Well, the good news is she knows fans love to watch any intimate scenes between Mo Shaoqian and Tong Xue, so she added one for us. YAY! Anyway, the mini-movie is very short, less than an hour, so she can't mess up that bad. RIGHT?

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