Official Stills of Sealed with a Kiss Miniseries

The production company has announced the official release date for this mini-movie is set on Valentine's Day, February 14.  We have slightly more than a month wait. I honestly hope we will have a satisfying ending this time! No more dreadful open ending! I also read somewhere that a BTS video should be released in a few days, so we should get to see that soon.

I miss Mo Shaoqian's old spectacles. I feel like we'll be watching Hawick Lau in the mini-movie and not Mo Shaoqian. I heard everything he wore for this mini-movie was his own personal items!

Song Yi, Wen Hao, and Tong Xue

Li Zhinan (who played Xiao Shan in the drama) will take on a different character in the mini-movie

Mo Shaqoain honestly looks like he joined the mafia or became a bad-ass leader of some syndicate

Tong Xue and the white origami crane she left for Mo Shaoqian at his new house.

Finally we get to see some loving moments!

Tong Xue and the new Yueying

Zhao Gaoxing and Yueying.
Tong Xue and a new love interest?

What's so interesting? [疑问]

A seriously depressed looking Mo Shaoqian [晕]

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