✿ Chinese Drama ✿ Beijing Love Story

Title: Beijing Love Story / Beijing Ai Qing Gu Shi / 北京爱情故事
# Episode: 39
Genre: Modern Drama
Release date: January 2012     Broadcasting Company: Zhejiang TV
Screenwriters: Chen Si Cheng, Li Ya Ling
Director: Chen Si Cheng     Chief Producer: Teng Hua Tao     Producer: Li Chen
Cast: Chen Sicheng as Cheng Feng, Li Chen as Wu Di, Zhang Yi as Shi Xiaomeng (Autumn), Yang Mi as Yang Zixi (Spring), Zhang Xinyi as Lin Xia (Summer), Tong Liya as Shen Bing (Winter)

Introduction: (Credit: cfensi)
Beijing Love Story was conceived in around 2007 when the male leads were working on their militiary drama, Soldiers Sortie and had been in production since the end of 2010. The drama features, as the name suggests, a series of love stories set in Beijing. For a profile on the lead characters of the drama, look under the cut. The drama is produced by Li Chen and written and directed by Chen Sicheng.  Will Chen Sicheng achieve first-time scripting success like his Central Drama Academy shidi and fellow actor Wen Zhang?

Download Links:
720 High Resolution (MKV format)
Episode 1-39

Low Quality Resolution (RMVB format)
Episode 1-39


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