✿ Chinese Drama ✿ Gong 2

Title: Gong 2/ Palace 2/ Jade Palace Lock Heart 2 / Gong Suo Zhu Lian / 宫锁珠帘
# Episode: 40
Genre: Historical Romance
Release Date: January 20, 2012     
Broadcasting Company: Hunan TV
Producter: Yu Zheng             Director: Li Huizhu  
Cast: Yuan Shanshan as Lian'er, Mickey He as Yongzheng, Du Chun as 17th Prince Yinli, Shu Chang as Concubine Yun, Zhang Jiani as Yushu, Hai Lu as Jiajia

No more time traveling theme in the second season of Gong. No more 8th Prince. No more Qingchuan. They will only make a brief appearance in modern time. The love triangle between Mickey He's Yongzheng and Du Chun 17th Prince and Yuan Shanshan's Lian'er will be the focus of the new story. According to Yu Zheng, the first season of Gong is about "falling in love" while the second season is centered on "marriage." The drama, once again, revolves around a group of palace women fighting for the Emperor Yongzheng's favors while he only has his eyes set on Lian'er.

Okay Video Quality (rmvb format, ~200 MB) from Ckrelease
Episode 1- 36

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End Theme Song MV by Mickey He "Fo Shuo"  (It's quite pretty!)

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