Main and End Theme Songs of Ru Yi


I really like the melody and just the overall feel of the Ru Yi's end theme song, but I just wish the producers hired a real professional singer instead of using a main lead with bad singing voice. The effect would have much more profound and comforting to the ears.

Even though I'm quite fond of Yang Mi's acting, I absolutely detest her singing voice. When she sang the Gong theme song "Worship of Love," I prefer to ignore her version and just listen to Mickey He's version. Her high-pitched/squeaky voice is just not suitable to be a professional singer. As for Hawick Lau, I like his distinct deep voice, but he still needs practice on his singing technique. I'm sure many of you will feel differently and feel free to voice your opinions!

After watching the new footage from these videos, my first response is Ru Yi certainly looks pretty. And my second response is "How the heck does Hawick Lau make himself look so young at age 37?!" Despite their 12 year age gap, Yang Mi and Hawick Lau can totally pass off as a couple close in age range. In Ru Yi, they're supposed to play a pair who was born on the same day or at least around the same time. I think the secret behind Hawick's youthful looks must be his daily 5 kilometer jog. I also know a 38 year old lady who is blessed with the look of a 30 year old, and like Hawick Lau, she's a hardcore marathon runner. So, anyone who wants to stay young and healthy, start RUNNING!

Main Theme Song "You Dian She Bu De" or "A Little Reluctant to Let Go" Sang by Yang Mi 

End Theme Song "Cuo Guai" or "To Blame Mistakenly" Sang by Hawick Lau and Yang Mi

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