✿ Chinese Drama ✿ Wipe Out the Bandits on Wulong Mountain (Suspended)

Title: Wipe Out the Bandits on Wulong Mountain / Xin Wu Long Shan Jiao Fei Ji / 
# Episode: 30
Genre: Communist Revolutionary, Espionage
Release Date: January 19, 2012     
Broadcasting Company: Hunan TV
Cast:  Pu Bajia as Liu Yutang, Choo Ja Hyun as Si Yatou, Ady An as Ah Xi Miaomiao, Ray Lui as Zhan Shanpao, Shen Junyi as Chen Zixian

I heard this a remake of a classic "red" revolutionary drama 26 years ago. I'm only interested in this series because I want to see Ady An wield her double guns and shoot some bad guys! LOL. In this drama, she plays a Miao ethnic girl named Ah Xi Miaomiao, who also happens to be the leader of a group of bandits on Wulong Mountain. Her love interest is Liu Yutang (played by Tibetan actor Pu Bajia), an outstanding soldier from the People's Liberation Army assigned to wipe out the various groups of bandits in southwestern China (Xiangxi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture). Cho Ja Hyun's character is an undercover spy working for Nationalist Party and is also the first love of Liu Yutang.

I just gave episode 1 a try, and I must say the action sequence is one of the most poorly choreographed scenes I've watched. The PLA soldiers were just open targets for the bandits to shoot down. Anyone with common sense should know they need to duck and cover when there are flying bullets aiming at you!!!

The little romantic flashback and reunion scenes between Liu Yutang and Si Yatou make me want to cringe. I like subtle romance, not blatant forceful mushy fluff. Hopefully the Ah Xi Miaomiao and Liu Yutang's romance can ignite some tasteful sparks.


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