More Sealed with a Kiss Music Video Goodies

Please forgive me for continuously bombarding you all with Sealed with a Kiss fanmade music videos. I just can't help but share my love for them, particularly this one called "Qing Shang" or "A Love that Dies Prematurely." I absolutely fell in love with the intro. VERY PRETTY. Even the SWAK director, Yang Xuan, was impressed with the artistic editing of this particular MV and praised it on his microblog. The song chosen is also perfect and sung by the boy band Xin Yue Tuan. I wish this song was used as a theme song in the drama as well. Yan Shui Duo Yun, the original creator of these MVs, is a video editor genius. He/she also made the last SWAK MV I posted.

Music Video with a very "Japanese" Jdorama feel.
Song: Miss You (in Japanese, I don't know who is the singer)

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