Mo Shaoqian's New Look Revealed + Tong Xue's Ring Finger

I guess I over worried about a ghastly ugly wig being put on Hawick Lau's bald head, because he won't be wearing any! The new Mo Shaoqian no longer sports that suave sophistication he projected in the first drama, but a more down-to-earth casualness in a down jacket and a knitted beanie. Somehow I totally cannot imagine the ever urbane and polished Mo Shaoqian to dress so casually. -_-|| Argh. He looks more like he's in the mafia. I know I shouldn't be too nit-picky and accept what they can give us, but I really miss his clean-cut dress suits.

Edit: I heard that the reason for Mo Shaoqian's lackluster new look was due to severe time restraint. They rushed through the pre-production stage to accommodate everyone's schedule. The production team had absolutely no time to even work on Hawick's looks and he went immediately straight to shooting when he arrived.

Please do not tell me the writer is going to throw at us the lame excuse that he just got of prison so he's more rugged than before. Another possibility, Mo Shaoqian gets diagnosed with a terminal illness and loses all of his hair. If the writer uses this scenario, I'm going to #!@*%!!
Notice that shimmery ring on Tong Xue's left hand? Do I hear wedding bells??
The more I look at the new Mo Shaoqian, the more my heart can't take it! One of the most memorable traits of Mo Shaoqian is his spotless, sophisticated wardrobe. His new look is WAY TOO HIP for my liking. He can still wear a beanie, but the stylist should have him wear a nicer structured jacket like a blazer and not a puffy jacket!
Hawick Lau (Mo Shaoqian) and Zheng Long (Wen Hao)

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