Actress Zhang Ran drops out of Sealed with a Kiss mini-movie sequel + Hawick Lau's Bald Head

Due scheduling conflict, Zhang Ran, who played Tong Xue's best friend, will not be able to reprise her role as Liu Yueying in the mini-movie sequel, which will begin to shoot tomorrow. I'm not quite sure who will replace Zhang Ran, but I heard the production team just cast a new young actress named Wen Mengxiang. There is no official announcement yet about the character she will play. Many Chinese netizens speculate she will be take over Zhang Ran's character.

Wen Mengyang will join the SWAK cast
I'm a little disappointed that Zhang Ran can't join the SWAK team for the mini-movie. She's one of my favorites in the TV series. I love her spunky portrayal of Liu Yueying. I hope the new actress can fill in the shoes that Zhang Ran left behind. Hopefully, if there is a full-blown TV series sequel, Zhang Ran will be able to participate in the project. She seems really disappointed and sad to skip out on the mini-movie and expresses her eagerness to join the SWAK team again in the full-blown TV series sequel, if there will be one.

Edit: Actor Liu Kenan (Zhao Gaoxing) just confirmed on his weibo that Wen Mengyang will replace Zhang Ran as Liu Yueying in the mini-movie. Don't worry, the two main leads are still the same. Most of the cast except for Hawick Lau should be in Hangzhou right now. He should join them on the January 4th. But...I'm still worried about Hawick's baldness! =(

Here's a bald picture of Hawick Lau. Hmm...He looks a lot better than I expected BALD, but it's still not the Mo Shaoqian's look!! What do you all think? I'm REALLY CURIOUS how the stylist will fix this problem.

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