[Translation] Chapter 1(2) of Sealed with a Kiss Novel

【第一部分】 第一章(2 Part 1 Chapter 1(2)

My cell phone's ringtone sounded just when I’m about to step into the fitting room with Yueying, playing a famous People’s Liberation Army’s theme song, “Three Major Rules and Eight Directives [3].”  In the resplendently ornate interior of this high fashion boutique shop, the sonorous music echoes loudly. A communist revolutionary theme song resonating in every corner of this luxury shop, the quintessence of material extravagance and capitalism, is just ironically comical.

[3] It's really interesting that Tong Xue chose such a ringtone for Mo Shaoqian. It subconsciously implies that Tong Xue sees him as her military commander, a man of high authority that provokes fear. In his presence, she must constantly remind herself to carefully tread his path and not accidentally cross him. To hear this song on youtube, click here

As I dig through my purse in a fluster to find my cell phone, my urgency to pick it up causes it slip out of my hand even more. The ringtone sounds increasingly louder as I fail answer the call. But this high-end designer store really befits its name. Jack and another hot-looking sales representative are half kneeling to help Yueying fasten the last button on her outfit, seemingly oblivious of the strange music resonating from my cell phone.

Finally, I’m able to grab on to the cellphone in sweat and say “Hello!”

Mo Shaoqian probably just got out of the airport. In his usual low tone of voice but this time with a rare touch of fatigue, he asks, “Where are you?”

I frankly reply, “Outside shopping for clothes with a friend. “

 “Go home.”

He then just abruptly hangs up in a “beep.”  Yueying is still turning back and forth to exam herself in the large wall mirror.  The red color is absolutely stunning, resembling the brilliance of the corn poppy under the summer sunshine, and its flamboyant beauty seems to emit a glittering luster.  She asks me, “Does it look good?”

I nod in approval. An exclusive piece of garment with a ridiculously expensive price tag, how can it not look good?

Yueying says, “You should look better in this color since you have whiter skin. If you wear this, it’ll make your skin look flawlessly smooth [4].”

[4] Yueying actually uses a famous Chinese proverb to describe Tong Xue’s skin "fu ruo ning zhi肤若凝脂, which literally translates as “skin like frozen oil.” It implies that she has flawless white skin as smooth as frozen oil/fat. Okay, the proverb sounds much more poetic in Chinese than my literal translation in English.

刘悦莹小言看多了,一出口就成串的形容词。一提到说女的都是肤若凝脂,翦水双眸, 楚楚动人;一提到男的就是星眸朗目,嘴角微勾,邪肆狷狂……
Liu Yueying has really read too many romance novels. Every time she opens her mouth, a poetic phase pops out. Whenever she describes a girl, she uses “flawlessly smooth white skin (fu ruo ning zhi), “a pair of watery eyes” (jian shui shuang mou), “delicate beauty that evokes the heart” (chu chu dong ren); for a guy, she uses “pupils sharply brilliant as the stars” (xing mou lang mu), “his mouth curves in slight arch” (zui jiao wei gou), “demonically prideful to the max” (she si juan kuang)…

Jack turns around to face me and throws me one of his enchantingly captivating smiles. “This shade of red does quite suit you, but in the size that you wear, we also have it in purple and black. The design is slightly different, but still very beautiful nonetheless. Would you like me to bring it out for you to try?”

A top designer brand is really the top designer brand. Every item is exclusively unique and limited in only a single selection in color and design. If the size is not right, you’ll just have to search elsewhere for new love. Doesn’t it sound nice? You’ll never have to worry about running into another person with the same outfit as you.

As I search for my wallet in my purse, I reply “It’s okay. I’ll just take these two. You can wrap them up for me.”

Yueying takes a look at me through the mirror. “What’s wrong?”

As I hand Jack my credit card, I say “I have something urgent, so I need to get back.”

Understanding my plight, Yueying asks, “Your boyfriend is back? What the heck! He acts like the emperor and treats you as his imperial majesty’s palatial resort. He comes visit you at his personal whims and can disappear for two to three months without a trace. You really spoil him. If I were you, I would kick his ass out of my sight.”

If I can really kick him, then my prospects would be outstandingly promising.

When Jack came back with my credit card and receipt, I sign my name “Tong Xue” with a big stroke of the pen. Jack once again throws me his irresistible smile. “Thank you Miss Tong. Your spending today is just slightly below the amount that qualifies you to become our VIP member. When you come back next time, we can send an application to our headquarters for your VIP membership.”

What’s VIP for? It’s to encourage one become the next fat goat to get slaughtered.

It’s not that I don’t suck up to him; who wouldn’t respectfully worship the spoon that feed you?

So I rushed back with lightning speed, and as expected, came back right before Mo Shaoqian. When the doorbell rang, I already have his slippers in my hand and greeted him with the greatest reverence.

He extends his hand out to gently stroke my face as he changes into his slipper. “You’ve gotten chubbier.”

We haven’t seen each other in two months. I’m not sure if I’ve gained weight or not, but he definitely hasn’t changed one bit. He has just come back from a flight, but as usual, his hair is still flawlessly combed in place without a single strand of loose hair, and his clothes are spotlessly straight and clean as new. Anyway, he’s not human. From the first moment I met him, he seems like he’s lived eternally in glass case display – immaculately dressed, ever so naturally refined and dashing.

I had just washed my face, as impeccably clean as a polished egg shell. Today when I went with Yueying to shop at the high-end designer stores, I put on some light makeup. But Mo Shaoqian despises the touch of makeup on my face. So the first thing I did when I came home was makeup removal. Luckily, I’m blessed with good skin and youth, so even without makeup, my face emits a healthy glow.
I tilt my head slightly back to look at him. He’s really too tall. Even though I’m already 1.73 meters on bare feet, a decent height for a woman, but I still have to look upward to take face him. Without warning, he suddenly extends his hands out to hold my face and kisses me uninhibitedly.

“Umm, very clean.”

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