[Translation] Chapter 1(4) of Sealed with a Kiss Novel

Xiangxiu came with Loveable on a leash. Loveable is a two year old Samoyed dog with a full body of dense fluffy coat purer than white snow. When he smiles, he looks even nobler than me. As for Xiangxiu, she's the domestic worker of Filipino descent purposely hired to take care of Loveable.  Extremely patient and dependable, she put her heart and soul in caring for him. She treats him as if he’s her child, teaching him to perform countless tricks such as handshake, sit, etc. Whenever Mo Shaoqian comes back, Xiangxiu would always take Loveable to see him. 

I don’t like dogs at all. Loveable doesn’t like me either. 

I never walked him once. When Xiangxiu occasionally brought him in [the house], he would rush toward me and bark loudly at me. He pissed me off so much that there were a few times I just wanted to secretly give him away.

But I have absolutely no say in this matter.  Mo Shaoqian bought Loveable. Mo Shaoqian also hired Xiangxiu. Mo Shaoqian bought this house as well. Even I am financially supported by Mo Shoaqian too.

When Mo Shaoqian petted Loveable on the head, he obediently sat down to shake hand with him, putting his meaty white paw onto Mo Shaoqian’s palm. I can see on his palm the extremely long wisdom line (or line of the head), almost surpassing his entire life line. It clearly proves this ass is shrewd and crafty as a wily old fox. 

As I stuffed grouchily another slice of bread in my mouth, I suddenly got attracted to the eye-catching title of a news article “Su Shanshan’s Mysterious Boyfriend Revealed.”

Su Shanshan only debuted last year, and was previously very obscure in the entertainment circle.  Without warning, she shook the movie industry by storm when she won best actress at a well-known international award ceremony. Ever since, the name “Su Shanshan” became a much sought-after label.  Rumors said she caught the eye of a mysterious avant-garde director and was contracted to film a blockbuster movie.

After being so hotly publicized for a long period of time, it's now Su Shanshan’s mysterious boyfriend who unexpectedly catches the public limelight. As a fervent follower and fan of juicy gossips, I’m definitely certain this latest tabloid sensation is just another tactic to garner attention for her new movie. But I must say. These paparazzi are a little too unprofessional. Out of all the photos they secretly managed to snap, there is not a single shot that aimed at the man’s front profile. Even in the clearest photo, you can only see the man’s back and his fingers tightly intertwined with Su Shanshan’s.  In a zoom-in picture, it just shows a big red circle drawn around their interlocking fingers.

Oh! Why does the watch on the man's wrist look so familiar? His back looks a little familiar too. The design of the watch seems extremely unique. I meticulously gaze at the newspaper for the longest time and finally realize that the watch is the tourbillon, a masterpiece of the great watchmaker, F.P. Journe. As of this moment, there is only one watch of this caliber in Asia. No, I mean probably only one exists in this world. Just to construct this watch alone probably takes the great watch master several years. How is mass production even possible? 

I take a quick glance at the capitalist across the table. He’s drinking coffee right now, and under his cuff, his uniquely constructed wristwatch exposes itself. The glistening crystal surface shines radiantly under the sunlight. 

Within moments, numerous notions flash through my head. First notion, I can finally see light at the end of the dark tunnel. I've waited too long for this day to come and escape his evil grasp.  Second notion, this man certainly has bad taste. Su Shanshan's looks definitely pale in comparison to his gorgeous wife. Third notion, it’s actually quite difficult to gauge his taste. I’m not even as beautiful as his wife.  Fourth notion, this incident seems too suspiciously strange.  Even if he accidentally got caught by the paparazzi while he dawdled with Su Shanshan, as a prominent capitalist with powerful a PR machine behind his back, and his good relations with the press, these photos should not have been published. Fifth notion, Su Shanshan wouldn’t dare to use him in her publicity stunt. Not everyone has the audacity to use the capitalist to his/her advantage.  

Before my sixth notion can flash through my head, the capitalist has already made his voice heard, “What are you reading? Your face is almost buried under the newspaper.”

I smile at him in a calm casual manner, put the newspaper down, and continue to munch on my bread. Then out of the blue, I just hear him abruptly say, “They’re taken at such an odd angle. I’m surprised that you can even tell."

I almost didn't spurt milk out of my mouth. My Lord, you shouldn’t scare people like that!

I didn’t even dare to admit that I recognized him. I just recognized his watch. 

Perhaps it’s the look of guilt plastered all over my face since my skin just fluctuated between pale white and rosy pink color.  He just bluntly asks, “What’s wrong? You’re not happy?”

It’s shouldn’t even be my turn to be unhappy no matter what!

What am I? I’m just his mistress, the cursed third-wheel in his marriage. I spend his money, and he supports my living. I’m illicitly cohabiting with a married man, destroying his legal marriage with his wife. If I get posted on the Tianya forum (China's biggest public forum), I’m going to get bitterly berated by the public as a malicious evil and total disgrace to society.

I don’t even have the right to be unhappy. The right should be reserved to his legal wife. I’m not going to steal the spotlight away from her. 

I replied, “Su Shanshan has pretty good acting chops and I’m quite fond of watching her movies. If you have a chance next time, can you get her autograph for me?”

Mo Shaoqun made a single “hum” sound (an interjection of contempt in Chinese). I know he’s not happy. Every man wants the rivaling women to fight to the life and death over him, in mutual slaughter. These women should use all means and measures to scheme and plot in their power, as shown in War and Beauty [7], just to hope that one day he would turn around to take a brief glimpse at her with compassion in his eyes.

I didn’t comply, so he’s not happy. 

[7] A hugely successful TVB drama series about the Qing Dynasty’s royal harem where the women schemed mercilessly for imperial favors. The Chinese title of this series is used as a phase by Tong Xue. 

From wiki:

Phonetically, at least in Cantonese, the title sounds exactly like the Chinese phrase "金枝玉葉" (literally translates to "[A tree with] golden branches and jade leaves"). This is a classical Chinese proverb used to describe aristocratic but unmarried women in feudal Chinese society. The proverb is also used to describe a lady from a privileged or aristocratic background.

The title itself is effectively a pun on the original phrase, with the third and fourth ideogram being replaced by two other characters which described the main themes of the entire series. The characters "玉" (jade) and "葉" (leaf) were replaced by the phonetically equivalent "慾" (lust / desire) and "孽" (evilness, nemesis). Thus, the title itself describes the entire plot, which roughly translates to "women from prestigious backgrounds with lusts / desire for power and evilness".

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