✿ Chinese Drama ✿ War of Desire/Phoenix Totem

Title: War of Desire/ Phoenix Totem/ 凰图腾/Huang Tu Teng
# Episode: 50
Genre: Period Drama/ Court Intrigue
Release date: December, 2011 currently airing daily
Broadcasting Company: Hunan TV
Cast: Bai Bing as Mu Feiyan, Zhang Han as Zhan Xinghan, Zheng Shuang as Xing Yingdie

Synopsis: (credit: spcnet.tv)
 A Tang dynasty love epic.
A tale of three childhood friends, their friendship and love.
Through the trials of the deep palace and the temptations of power, will love never change and friendships stay true?

Zhan Xinghan (Zhang Han), Mu Feiyan (Bai Bing), and Xing Yingdie (Zheng Shuang) are three childhood friends whose lives change when the lovers Zhang Xinghan and Mu Feiyan are split up. Mu Feiyan is sent to the palace to become an imperial concubine. Only Xing Yingdie maintains her innocence outside the palace wall, while betrayal and intrigue changes Mu Feiyan as she schemes for power.

When her coup fails, the three childhood friends escape together on a boat. On the quiet lake, it was as if they returned to their childhood, but everything has changed.

Opening Theme Song
Ending Theme Song

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