Sealed with a Kiss MV - "Thousand Mountains" + Long Trailer

I just discovered this nice fanmade MV dedicated to Tong Xue and Mo Shaoqian. It's beautifully made and the editing looks really professional. The scenes chosen are great too. The song used in this MV is the original main theme song "Thousand Mountains," sang by Hawick Lau. All fans of the drama should check it out!

Just to add something random for those curious souls, here's an 1-hour long trailer of Sealed with  Kiss containing the original voice of Hawick Lau and Ying'er. In the drama, professional voice actors dubbed over their voices to standardize the tone. Hawick Lau's thick Cantonese accent in Mandarin bothers some people, but I personally feel his original voice emote more feeling than the dubbed voice. The dubbed voice of Mo Shaoqian in the drama sounds fine...until the character needs to scream/cry loudly out of emotional pain/agony. My gosh, the screams were just horribly done by the voice actor and I cringed every time.

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