Potential Mini-Sequel for Sealed with a Kiss

I just read on Sina weibo that Sohu TV and Xing Sheng Yuan Entertainment Company are collaborating to produce a mini-movie sequel to Sealed with a Kiss drama. Can I scream "OH MY GOSH!"? How long is a mini-movie? I heard it ranges from 5 to 20 minutes. Anyway, I'm so excited!! Guo Baoxian, the original scriptwriter, will not be doing the writing anymore. FANS WILL! Sohu TV is currently holding a writing competition, which will last till January 31, 2012, and encourages fans to write a creative sequel for the mini-movie. The winner will not only get to see his/her creation depicted onscreen, but receive an monetary prize and some Sealed with a Kiss memorabilia. Most importantly, the original cast and production team should return for this mini-sequel.

I don't care if Xiao Shan returns or not, but Hawick Lau's Mo Shaoqian and Yinger's Tong Xue MUST return for this project! I hope the original director, Yang Xuan, comes back to do this project too. He's critical in the success of the Mo Shaoqian's character. When everyone doubted Hawick Lau's acting ability to portray Mo Shaoqian, even Hawick doubted himself, Yang Xuan saw the acting potential in Hawick to bring the character to life onscreen. Otherwise, any sequel to the drama is meaningless!! I'm a bit worried about Hawick's hectic filming schedule. I heard he's booked till the summer 2012 and he has two Qing Dynasty series to shoot. Will his hair even grow back in time for him to resume his role as Mo Shaoqian???

And this time, we MUST have a happy ending! I'm just a sucker for happy ending. I don't care if it's unrealistic to give Sealed with a Kiss a happy ending, I just want it to end happily for Mo Shaoqian and Tong Xue. I invested too much emotionally in the story, so please let my poor mind rest in peace with a satisfying ending. Praying with all my heart this project will get executed and the original cast will be able to come back to join the production team!

Here's the official website recruiting fans to write the sequel: Sohu TV

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