Mini-sequel for Sealed with a Kiss Confirmed!

I previously posted about news of a potential sequel to Sealed with a Kiss, and now we have a detailed confirmation from the actors/actresses themselves. According to Ying'er and Liu Kenan, actor who plays Zhao Gaoxing, shooting will commence on January 1 in Hangzhou and lasting several days. Hawick Lau should still have the most screen time. YAY! The mini-movie should be longer than 40 minutes. Another YAY! Xiao Shan will be back. NOOO! Okay, he's essential to the story, so we can't exterminate him from the drama yet. Supposedly, if reception to the mini-movie is good, the production companies are contemplating about making a TV series sequel. Hmmm....

I am absolutely thrilled that we have more concrete news about the mini-movie. However, I'm really worried about Hawick's current baldness!! Can you imagine the ever handsome and suave Mo Shaoqian with a wig?!! Please please do not give us the nightmare wardrobe of Tong Xue and the incompetent stylist of the original drama! Moreover, what happened to all the fuss about the fan-written ending? The competition doesn't even end till January 31, but shooting will start on January 1??? If they're not going to use the fan-written ending in the mini-movie, I'm assuming they're currently holding the competition to collect good written materials/potential storylines for a full-blown sequel.

Honestly, I would love to watch more Mo Shaoqian and Tong Xue, but I greatly fear the lack of development/storyline in a full-blown sequel, if they ever make one. What else can they show us? Some suggested a sequel about Tong Xue and Mo Shaoqian's marriage life, and their trials and tribulations as a married couple. I don't think a drama about their blissful marriage life will be strong enough of a story to fill 20+ episodes of a TV series. I'm sure the scriptwriter will introduce a third-party to ruin Shaoqian and Tong Xue's relationship and spice up the story with unnecessary misunderstandings. PRAYING HARD that the nightmares of the Huan Zhu Ge Ge and the Taiwanese Meteor Garden sequels do not get repeated in Sealed with a Kiss! If the writer decides to reuse Mu Yongfei again, then the story may repeat itself and the audience will get bored quickly. The sequel, unlike the original, will not have the novel as a backbone to adapt from and strengthen the plot. In my opinion, a good ending will suffice. If a sequel must be made, then give us a comedy! LOL. I would love to watch the happy epilogue the author wrote for Tong Xue and Mo Shaoqian get adapted onscreen.

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