Sunday, December 18, 2011

Ying'er's Interview @Youku Award

I just watched a 1-minute interview (HERE) with Ying'er and Hawick Lau after their Youku Award Ceremony. During this interview, Ying'er talked mostly about the relationship between Tong Xue and Mo Shaoqian in Sealed with a Kiss. Toward the end, however, a reporter asked her, "Are you and Hawick more loving toward each other off-screen than on-screen?"

Ying'er instinctively gave Hawick a look, then nodded her head, and finally caught herself. LOL. The reporter then promptly asked, "So you silently agree?"

Hawick realized her mistake too and heartily laughed at her. I think she didn't really hear the reporter's question correctly and probably thought the reporter said, "Are you and Hawick more loving toward each other on-screen than off-screen?"
Before she answered the question, she took a quick glance at Hawick

Realized she fell into the reporter's verbal trap and covered her face in embarrassment.

She tried to correct herself by holding up her hand.

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