A Beautiful Chinese MV - "Love of Jiangnan"

Song Title: "Love of Jiangnan" 江南之恋
Singer: Tan Jing 谭晶

By chance, I discovered this gorgeous MV on YouTube and absolutely fell in love with the breathtaking dreamy theme that the director/artistic team managed to convey in the video. I heard it took a year for the production team to produce this music video.  Mandy Lieu, a Hong Kong supermodel, and Tong Dawei, a renown Mainland Chinese actor, were cast as the lead roles of a foreign-born girl living in China before the outbreak of World War II and a young soldier respectively. They fall in love before the war and get separated for 8 years before reuniting in matrimony. The former soldier then takes his bride to meet his family in the Jiangnan region.

Ironically, this MV, in essence, is just one exquisitely fancy commercial, nicely gift-wrapped to market Jiangsu Longliqi Bioscience Company, the big sponsor. So the lyric of the song emphasizes the harmony of fusing Western elements with the Eastern traditions, as promulgated by Longliqi. The geographic focus, as appropriately suggested in the title, is the Jiangnan, a region south of Yangtze River on the eastern seaboard.  This area is traditionally associated with dainty riverine towns, beautiful maidens, tea, prosperity, and great cultural/intellectual influence on the Chinese psyche.

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