First Glimpse at Sealed a Kiss Miniseries!

I couldn't refrain my excitement and wait a little longer for more to come out before I post this picture. Zheng Long, the actor who plays Mo Shaoqian's young assistant (Wen Long), just uploaded this picture of Tong Xue and him on his microblog. We can see there's an improvement in Tong Xue's wardrobe. Is it just the lighting or does it feel like Tong Xue's eye make is too heavy? Based on her pink luggage, it seems like Tong Xue just came back from her study abroad trip and somehow Wen Long went to see Tong Xue for Mo Shaoqian's sake??? Now, I really want to see Mo Shaoqian's new look.
I'm liking this new look of Tong Xue! It's sooo much more stylish than any of her previous outfits.

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