❀ Hong Kong Drama ❀ Bottled Passion

Title: Bottled Passion/ My Cruel Lover/ My Lying Lover/ 我的如意狼君
# Episode: 21
Genre: Period Drama/ Revenge
Release date: December, 2011 currently airing Monday to Friday
Broadcasting Company: TVB
Cast: Niki Chow as Tsui Sum, Raymond Wong as Tung Bun Sin, Joel Chan as Ko Yi Tai
Synopsis: (Credit: wiki)
Mrs Ko, Tung Kwok Hing (Rebecca Chan) adopted an orphan and claimed he was Ko Yi Ho (Raymond Wong), the illegitimate child that her husband Ko Siu Tong (Samuel Kwok) had been searching for many years. Tong believed Ho was more suitable than his oldest son Ko Yi Tai (Joel Chan) to be his successor, which later led to discontent. Eventually Ho was kicked out of the family, leaving him homeless. Living out alone, Ho got a taste of the bitterness in life and was determined to return home and take revenge on his adopted family under a different name Tung Bun Sin. Under his new identity, he vowed to give them a taste of losing their loved ones. Meanwhile, he meets his childhood best friend Tsui Sum (Niki Chow) again. The good-hearted Sum just took over the family soy sauce business, but Ho did not hesitate to take advantage of his long time friendship with Sum, deceiving her money and heart. Ho also plays Ko Family's two daughters, Ko Yee Kiu (Elaine Yiu) and Ko Yee Nga (Katy Kung) in unscrupulous ways. Ho has his own mechanism and plots, which turns him into the biggest love cheater...
In recent years, I've tried to avoid TVB series like a plague because I found their new generation of artists cringe-worthy and untalented. Their productions suffer from bad acting, poorly written scripts, and haphazard sets/pops in their period dramas. Besides a few good modern ones like Ghetto Justice, I haven't paid much attention to TVB series. But somehow Bottled Passion manages to captivate my attention. The acting from the two main leads are passing and not worthy of great praise. This drama is definitely more plot-driven. The first few episodes I've watched were surprisingly interesting enough to keep me going. Again, this drama centers around revenge, but the male lead actually womanizes his way to achieve his revenge plans against the Ko family  -_-|| Compared to the tormented and charismatic Mo Shaoqian from Seal with a Kiss, Tung Bun Sin, at least to me, is lacking in character intensity and suaveness.

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